Thursday, May 27, 2010

Transition Books

When Ben and I traveled to Paris last year, I felt anxious about all of the logistics for Silas -- where he would sleep which night, which grandparent would take care of him when, which time zone he'd be in etc. A wise friend suggested I make a book to help him prepare and look forward to the details. He LOVED it. Since then I have made several others.

Yesterday while Eden napped, Silas and I sat at the kitchen table with blank board books and made "transition books." They aren't spectacular, but you'll get the idea. This tool has been so helpful for us!

He chose the paper for his cover.
And he wanted these cupcakes to be him and Eden in their bunk bed.
When Ben and I are both out of town, the fairies come during the night and leave little presents.

He wanted this ice cream paper, which sparkles, on every page...

The pink page he made himself. It is "a funny guy in jail." It was an accident that "the funny guy" ended up lookign out through the pink paper. I told him lots of great art was made that way.

These pictures are a little dark - Eden's book:

Eden already tore the piece of purple paper away from the book. I glued it. And taped a picture of Lindsay, the babysitter, on the green page.


Hawley said...

Bronwen! These are so beautiful and sweet. Treasures! I love this idea. How brilliant. I hope I won't forget this brilliance by the time our little girl is old enough to need help transitioning :)

I particularly liked the cupcakes in the bunk bed. Silas and Eden are even cuter in their natural forms, but that's a pretty sweet substitute :)

Kelly said...

You are an awesome mom, my friend! I love these books.

Kelly said...

You are an awesome mom, my friend! I love these books.

jkalea said...

You might very well be the most creative, amazing mom I've ever met.

I adore you -- and your kiddos are unbelievably lucky.