Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Evils of Cereal

In our house, cereal is a perfect food. We eat cereal for breakfast, snack, dessert, even dinner some days.

Recently, Silas discovered that occasionally, boxes have a hidden prize (which has made the grocery store a war zone a few times). Right now, Kelloggs boxes have a Toy Story code inside of them -- a certain number of codes equals a prize: concession dollars, an alien light, a movie ticket etc. We are shooting for four codes -- the piggy bank.

We went to the grocery store yesterday, and who KNEW that only the sugary junky cereals have prizes!!! Not rice krispies, just chocolate or strawberry kirspies, not corn flakes, only frosted flakes -- COME ON. So we still only have two boxes. But June 30th is closing in fast and I did set a goal...

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