Monday, June 21, 2010


Today is our first day of summer.

Last night I fell asleep before 8:00.
And this morning everything feels just a little bit off.

I am sitting at the table drinking tea with honey and lemon. Silas and Eden are watching Sesame Street (which Eden just called Cookame Street). The sky is overcast and the morning looks cool outside.

Last week, in a bust of energy, I made a curriculum for our whole summer. Each week is themed and involves trips to the library, field trips to LA museums, outings around town, various art projects, and journals for each of them.

This morning the plan looks awfully ambitious.
Today starts Music week.

Sesame Street has ended and the kids are hovering at my elbows, trying to push the computer keys and climb into my lap. The day calls -- it's time to decorate the covers of their journals. Wish me luck...


buzzyandzippy said...

we would love to join you for your field trips.

Annemarie said...

YAY! Let's take pics of the journals and send them to each other! Maybe we should have pen pals too :)