Thursday, September 16, 2010


Like so many, we started school this week, snapped pictures of Silas and Eden (who started dance and a little class with me) in new shoes and brushed hair. It's preschool. Familiar preschool. And though we now have to leave the house every morning and lay out clothes every night, I did not anticipate transition. At least not much of one. Yet, when my eyes opened Wednesday morning, I could hardly believe it was the same week and that we were only two days in.

What I didn't expect was for this to be the week Eden would insist, once again, on potty training (take 3). And get a cold. And wake to 2 year old molars pounding through her gums.

Nor did I know that a smooth-as-butter first week back, with a smiling Silas trotting into his classroom hardly looking back, didn't mean we were unscathed by growing pains; they arrived fast and furiously this weekend with meltdowns and separation hysteria.

It's not much to write about -- the reality of Fall for families -- and yet, I am taken off guard and now working to make room and dig up a little more patience for the pangs of change we're all feeling. Change, as my mother always reminds me, is a steady constant.

Silas's first day:

Eden's first day of our class at Silas's school:Tutu Tots:

Silas at school:


cbpaschall said...

The tutu picture is just too much. I can't handle the cuteness that is Eden.
Also, LOVE Silas' Vermont shirt.

Annemarie said...

i want to eat her in that tutu :) claire has been wearing hers for 2 days straight- 2 peas!