Sunday, October 31, 2010


Our family: a flying dragon is sitting on Ben's shoulders (a costume he was originally building for Silas but it ended up weighing more than Silas, so it became Ben's -- marionette wings and a head on strings that turns. I love Ben -- he surprises me).
We trick-or-treated with mini yoda, mini darth vader (dark neighbor), a princess, bumblebee, cowgirl, knight, bee keeper, pink horse, and yellow belt kung fu fighter. And a pony named Rusty. Who, it turns out, bites and is moody (see those feisty eyes?)
but at least carries children well.

Eden wanted to be Ariel the mermaid, but much more important than any dress was a red wig. I think she watched herself in the mirror for 20 straight minutes. Fortunately I took these pictures Oct 30th because inexplicably on Halloween, she abandoned the wig all together.

The pirate has taken Ariel captive. (You can imagine the kind of torment this game led to for days before Halloween, though here you can tell Eden loves it).

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Anonymous said...

Oh I love that red wig. And how lucky the kids were to ride a pony. Even it was a grouchy one.