Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Eden: Daddy, who is on your shirt?
Silas: Darth Thader
Eden: Dark Mater?
Silas: No, Eden, Dark THader.
Eden: No, Dark Mater. Dark Mater.
Silas: Eden, DARK THA-DER.
Eden: Dark Mater. ... Mater is that little tow truck.
Silas: Yeah, Mater -- it's not Dark Mater, it's Dark Neighbor. Dark...? Dad, what is it again?
Ben: Darth Vader
Silas: Yeah, Darth Thader.
Eden: Yeah, Dark Vader.

And everyone was happy.


kellycally said...


KaiaJoye said...

i love them.

Annemarie said...

this is hysterical. i love them too. and i miss them! we are starting a cali-fund piggy bank as a family. once claire figured out the princesses live next to silas and eden, she was on board too.