Monday, October 25, 2010

More than Catch my Breath

Sometimes I don't realize I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off.
Maybe because my head is cut off.

But this weekend, in the middle of that running, my mom came to town.

My mom makes space. Slows it all down. Helps me find my head. Helps me unpack my suitcase that's been stubbornly sitting on the floor of my room for 3 1/2 weeks (it really had).

It's a little bit like a superpower, her giving space; when she's here tasks suddenly feel possible, and before I know it, I've unpacked, reorganized all the drawers in my room, cleaned out the entire storage closet, piled 5 huge bags for Goodwill by the door, organized my loft, folded all the laundry, carried armloads of coats and sweatshirts from the car, and she and Silas are laughing in the living room. Like I said, it's a superpower she brings, or spell.

There is much more to say about our time together, but my eyes are closing as I type. It's time for sleep -- sleep, I should mention, on new *comfortable* memory foam that we'd wanted for a long time but had never gotten until my mom came and, once again, idea bloomed to action in our hands.

Sometimes we just need another person. Sometimes we just need a mom.
(thank you!!)


lindsay said...

oh i love this and wish i'd gotten to talk more with her on friday.

Denise Ann said...

And she also makes it all so much fun!! I have such happy memories of her at Sidwell Friends!

Beautiful said...

Wow. Did you really do all that while I was there? And we still had time to go to Laguna for Indian, to Orange for antiques , to Balboa for a pedicure and ride the ferry and shop for olive oil, have your friends over for dinner and go to Jimmy Cakes Friday, eat lobster at Benihana w Ben and the kids, go to the pumpkin patch with Kaia Joye, AND go to the beach to take jumping/flopping pictures? You made it all feel so effortless...