Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oh Christmakah

When Silas got back tonight from "a town of Bethlehem" where he went to various shops, made buttons, ornaments with the star of David, saw Mary and Joseph in a barn, and got a dreidel (I wasn't there because I was with Eden, the first in our family to get stitches after Silas hacked (accidentally?) her forehead with a garden hoe), he said:

I love Chanukah!  Chanukah is dreidels!

Yes, Chanukah is great.  It celebrates a miracle God did.

Yeah!  You can celebrate it all the time because it's celebrating God!

You can?

Yes!  It's God and dreidels!  And I'm really good at dreidels.

What about Christmas?

Santa. (disappointed tone)

What about Santa?

He has reindeer.

Yeah, what does that have to do with anything?

You know, he brings presents and stuff.

Ok.  Again, how is that connected to what we're talking about?

Chanukah is about God but at Christmas there's Santa.

Christmas is about God, too, (oh please tell me you know this) -- celebrating the greatest present, that God came to earth so we could know him.  The presents we give are because God gave a present and we're happy about it, we're celebrating his birthday!

Yeah, they're like party favors.

...The presents are party favors.  Exactly.

I love my dreidel (at which point he climbed into the top bunk with it).

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elizabeth said...

party favors... exactly right. I'm laughing out loud at this.