Sunday, December 04, 2011


This is the part of Sunday where I sometimes get a little frayed.  I have 24 avocados for guacamole on the counter, and the grill is preheating for 8 lbs of chicken breasts for park dinner tonight.  It's Eden's half birthday, so this morning we baked a vanilla cake and just made pink -- very pink -- frosting for the half cake.  The kids are bickering in the yard with a neighbor.  I've closed all the doors and windows to stop myself from yelling instructive and protective things from in the house (how obnoxious!)

This is the time of year when we race.  I've heard words like "rushed" and "frantic" -- strong words, and am amazed that I relate to every single one of them.  Must we get so insane?  -- the list making and organizing, the party planning, baking, cooking.  I did post a few weeks ago about how I was NOT going to let myself be swept right off my feet into all of that.  And yet, here I am.  Ben and I are both from families of six.  Our siblings are married and most have kids.  We have three December birthdays in the family and four January ones, not to mention the slew of November (there are four then too).  This = a LOT of presents.  How does one navivgate that sanely?  I really want to know?

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