Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A note about Cocktails (St. Germain)

When I was in DC recently, Ben and I had drinks on the roof deck of the new W Hotel (in the old Hotel Washington building). Though the W, itself, leaves a little something to be desired in its use of that fantastic old building, the view from the roof bar is exceptional. And, it turns out, so is one of their cocktails.

I often hem and haw when ordering a drink; I don't have a go-to. At times a gin and tonic hits the spot, at times a Stella, occasionally scotch on the rocks, but more often than not, nothing sounds good.

Since incorporating Champagne Thursdays into my life, though, champagne more often than not is my order -- clean, bubbly, dry -- mmmmmmmm. My family loves to make Kir Royales, but I tend to be a purist.

Or at least I tended to be, until I discovered St. Germain liquer at the W that night. St Germain is an elderflower liquer -- softly sweet and floral, without a dominant bouquet like rose or violet. St. Germain is quiet and just right. To make a St. Germain cocktail:

St. Germain Cocktail:
2 parts champagne
2 parts soda
1 1/2 parts St Germain
a twist of lemon/lemon rind

Since discovering this glorious drink, I have begun to see St. Germain everywhere. The other night, down at A Restaurant (yes, my favorite -- if you want the best burger of your life on a soft brioche bun, go there, or the most fantastic butterscotch pudding -- more about that soon), I ordered a drink called a Salty Pear (and then went back the next night and ordered it again).

Salty Pear Martini:
Grey Goose Pear
St. Germain
Sweet and Sour (homemade)
with a salted rim

I don't know proportions for this yet, so we will have to play with it.

Buy yourself a lovely fluted bottle of St. Germain, and see what you think.


Joe said...

I have to agree...the elderflower liqueur was a nice touch. I'm usually a purist too, with champagne, but you got me hooked on the elderflower! Thanks for the introduction. ;)

Carrie said...

how funny! dave and i have a new love of St. Germain as well! we had champagne with st germain on Christmas eve together :) love it! and love YOU!! :)

Lindsay said...

oh, greg and i were served st. germain at Mesa a few months ago and i'd totally forgotten about how GREAT it was. now if i could only remember what we had with it....can i request a cocktail for dinner on the 5?

Jodie Mac said...

I bought a lov-e-ly bottle today and plan on making this cocktail tonight. Or in 10 minutes.

Bronwen said...

1 part St. Germain, 1 part pear vodka, 1/2-1 part sour mix, depending on your preferred sweetness (if you do 1 part, I recommend a little water) shaken over ice. Serve in glass with salted rim.