Sunday, January 24, 2010

on the subject of germs and sanitation

As I mentioned weeks ago, when we arrived in DC for Christmas (dec 21st) there were 18 inches of snow on the ground! It hasn't snowed, really, since then. A little sleet here and there. A dusting one morning. But no *snow*, nothing sled-worthy or substantive enough to pile.

Today, January 24th, I was walking through a parking lot with Silas, Eden and my mom. On the median between rows of cars, was a small blackish-grey pile of remaining parking lot snow. Silas, ahead of me, immediately started kicking it so icy sludge scattered and flew. Eden squirmed to get down: "touch it touch it touch it" -- a fair request since we never see ice on the ground. After she leaned down and put her fingers on it, I carried her to the car.

"Was that cold, Eden?"
"crunch crunch crunch Yesh."
"Are you EATING it?!"
"crunch Yes. crunch crunch I eat it."


rosie said...

This really made me laugh.....thanks for sharing BTW come home :)

Kelly said...