Sunday, January 10, 2010

Whatever you say comes back out at you

Tonight driving home from dinner, Silas and I were discussing which movie we could watch this week for a treat (would love any suggestions of non-scary 3 yr old appropriate movies). Alice in Wonderland came up because of the Disneyland ride, which he does NOT like because of the Queen of Hearts. So we got into a big conversation about why she is scary, how she is scary, what she does in the movie that's scary etc.:

Bronwen: Well she has a huge mouth and yells a lot; she's not scary as much as she's not nice. But she's married to a tiny friendly king.

Silas: But how big is her mouth?

Bronwen: Oh, about this big [making a huge grapefruit size circle with my hands].

Silas: But why isn't she nice?

Bronwen: I don't know. She's just kind of mean.

Silas: But why is she mean? ... Tell me that part about her mouth again.

Bronwen: I don't know why she's mean. [recap big mouth, tiny king part]. She's just grumpy, really.

Silas: But why is she grumpy?

Bronwen: I don't know, Silas. I just don't know why.

Silas: ... [quiet for a minute]... She's probably grumpy because someone was grumpy with her when she was little.

Bronwen: ... ... Yes Silas, you're probably right.


susanna said...

Such wisdom for one so small! :) You can let Silas know that Alice in Wonderland also freaks me out. I will so not be watching Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter.

mMc said...

Mary Poppins...? The Happiest Millionaire? Lots of singing in both of those...